Our Alumni Testimonials

Dr. Azhar Sheikh

"I can certainly say my notes are better, my processes are better, I am feeling more confident in what I am doing. Better patient outcomes and better personal work"

Dr. Emanuele Clozza

"Beautiful course; designed for the full range of colleagues, and especially those who are facing medico-legal matters with the regulators. Thank you for putting this course together"

Dr. Noel Perkins

"I completed the year long PGCert in Dental Risk Mitigation and I can say it has had a positive affect on my practise."

Dr. Nikhil Oberai

"In doing the course its really helped me to understand how to reduce my risk level, communication aspects are very important which are discussed thoroughly"

Dr. Murtuza Hasnani

"I listed on this course because I had the unfortunate pleasure to experience a very difficult and challenging patient, I needed some assistance in up-skilling myself to manage such a patient"

Dr. Rabia Salah-U-Din

"I recommend this course to everyone especially to those who have graduated abroad, it makes the transition smooth and comfortable. My record keeping has changed immensely, my colleges have noticed a big change. This course is defiantly a game changer"

Dr. Preethika Ramanathan

"Honestly, I wish this course was there 10-15 years ago ! It would have changed the way I practised dentistry"

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